Undiscovered heritage

Are you planning a trip and looking for something special? A place you have never been before, and where instead of long queues at the ticket office you are more likely to find a personal welcome? Visit some of our undiscovered historic buildings!

We have suggestions for you of over 44 castles and ruins hidden in forests, connected with long-ago history, chateaus with beautiful parks and charming interiors, monasteries and churches that still, centuries later, radiate spirituality, as well as open-air museums and farms where you will be welcomed by the smell of freshly-baked bread, or a coal mine left just as if the people who worked in it had gone off and left everything in its place… All these undiscovered historic buildings now offer recourse from the daily grind, space to rest – and maybe even a welcome change: the journey may take a little longer than if you set out as usual to somewhere close by, but believe us, the results will be worth it. You will find hidden treasures, extensive estates and houses that evoke the times when they were lived in by noble families, ancient centres of spiritual culture and education, and proof of the skilfulness of our ancestors.

Each of these undiscovered historic buildings has its unique magic, each will speak to you in a different way.  Choose one of them and come and visit. Stop and listen as we tell you the stories of the houses, their owners or the rare objects that you will see during your visit – stories you do not yet know.

The main media partner for this project is Czech Television, and the partner is the CzechTourism agency.