Is your house listed as a protected building?

First you need to find out whether your building is under some form of protection – if it is a cultural monument or lies in a protected area (for example if it is a part of a protected village area).

You can find information about a house or other building using its address or fin it in special maps. The tool for this is the Monument catalogue – a database accessible from here. The data it contains are only indicative: if you need an official document you can request it at the database’s website.

Individual and blanket Protection

A building or other property does not need to be a valuable monument in itself – if it lies within an area that has blanket protection, then a specific form of protection may apply to it.


You know your building best, but we possess a large number of documents that may be of interest to you. The archives of the National Heritage Institute contain files, old photographs, surveys, building plans and other sources of information – to find out if we have information relating to your building, contact your regional branch of the institute or look at our catalogue of historic buildings.