The repair of historic buildings usually calls for a specific approach, the use of traditional materials and techniques, and more careful working methods. This does not mean that the cost of repairing a historic building is always higher than in the case of an ordinary building, but it does happen. To compensate for this difference, some institutions, organisations and authorities offer grants for the renovation of historic buildings from various grant programmes.

The National Heritage Institute does not, as an institution, have its own funds to distribute in grant form. However, its employees frequently provide consultation to grant providers, or make recommendations.

  • Applicants from all over the country are able to gain grants from Culture Ministry programmes. Some of these programmes are administered by the National Heritage Institute’s regional specialist branches. Their employees can also help you fill in an application.

  • Financial support is also provided directly by some regional authorities. The conditions for the provision of grants, their purpose and amount may, however, differ considerably from region to region. Staff at the regional specialist branches of the National Heritage Institute will provide you with basic information, but the employees of the relevant regional authority are best placed to acquaint you with the specific situation directly.

  • Grant programmes that can be used for the renovation of monuments or historic buildings (but with different criteria than for monuments) are also provided by the Agriculture Ministry.