Services provided by us

The National Heritage Institute provides a range of services that are funded by the state, and so are free for users. These specialist services are provided to the owners of historic buildings, as well as students, researchers and other interested people.

In each region there is a branch of the National Heritage Institute with experts specialising in specific fields – from archaeology to historic parks and gardens, vernacular to modern architecture, industrial monuments and so on. Meanwhile, experts from the Directorate-General of the National Heritage Institute provide highly-specialised services for the public or for other employees and heritage conservation institutions.

Students, researchers and other interested parties are able to:

  • use the library, archives and photo archives we administer
  • read the specialist magazines and books we publish
  • attend lectures, take part in workshops, training sessions and seminars on all sorts of subjects, including courses in conservation technology, technological tours with commentaries, courses in restoration for craftsmen and so on
  • attend events organised by the National Heritage Institute’s methodological centres (the Methodological Centre for Industrial Heritage in Ostrava, the Methodological Centre for Garden Culture in Kroměříž, the Methodological Centre for Modern Architecture in Brno and the Methodological Centre for Education in Telč

What can the staff of our regional offices
do for you?

  • help solve problems connected with historic buildings and their care
  • help you to discover and recognise the valuable features of your historic building
  • recommend methods and approaches in historic building renovation
  • provide access to plans, maps, building archaeology surveys, renovation reports and photo documentation (some of this is available online), advise on where else to search
  • help to supervise the correct progress of renovations
  • advise on sources of financial support for historical buildings renovation
  • provide information on archaeological sites, advise on how to proceed with archaeological conservation surveys
  • in the case of movable heritage, provide expert consultation regarding restoration, location and so on, and give permission for the sale and export of heritage objects of a religious origin (paintings, sculptures etc.) - in the case of movable cultural heritage, permission is granted by the Culture Ministry

Selected National Heritage Institute branches provide further services for a fee. These are:

  • archaeological conservation surveys for companies or sole traders
  • building archaeology surveys
  • technical surveys and analyses of historical materials (plasters, mortar, stone, wood, metal) for historic building owners
  • research, reprographic services, provision of reproduction rights for photographs
  • inter-library loans service