NPÚ branch structure


The headquarters of the National Heritage Institute’s management team. The administrative staff coordinate the activity of the whole institute, while the specialist staff (heritage officers) are in charge of the care of the nation’s heritage buildings and other monuments, and provide their regional branch colleagues with methodological help.

regional offices (ÚOP)

The specialist regional offices research and document the specialist care and conservation of historic buildings, groups of historic buildings and heritage areas (i.e. reservations and zones). They provide free advice on the conservation, maintenance and renovation of historic buildings, and provide expert supervision during their restoration and renovation. They also present historic buildings to the public in various ways, acquainting people with cultural heritage.

Regional Historic Sites Management (ÚPS)

Employees are responsible for the practical management of castles, mansions and other historic buildings owned by the state and looked after by the National Heritage Institute. The four regional branches, based in Prague, České Budějovice, Sychrov and Kroměříž, are responsible for over a hundred historic buildings in all 14 regions of the Czech Republic.


Mostly castles and mansions, but also monasteries, open-air museums and industrial monuments owned by the state and entrusted to the care of the National Heritage Institute.  There are over a hundred of them, and the great majority are open to the public. They are visited by approximately five million people a year.