Publishing activity

Publishing is one of the National Heritage Institute’s most significant communication channels. It is one of the ways in which we tell the public about important issues in historical building conservation, as well as about individual historic buildings, announce news in the field and answer questions concerning theory and practice.

Every branch of the National Heritage Institute publishes its own books, collections of articles and magazines, reflecting the issues with which that branch deals. In addition to methodological guides, which are published in special series, and narrowly specialist publications focusing chiefly on problems of monument repair and maintenance and on heritage-related town planning issues, the National Heritage Institute also issues popular tourist guides and narrative publications with high-quality photographs and reproductions. These provide both Czech and foreign readers with information on the attractive historical buildings of the Czech Republic.

Our books and magazines can be bought in our online shop, or in person in the National Heritage Institute’s bookshop and information centre on the street Na Perštýně in the centre of Prague. Some publications may be obtained by agreement at other branches of the institute.


We publish a range of peer-reviewed periodicals, such as Conservation Reports, Historic Building Surveys, Historic Buildings of West Bohemia, Historic Buildings of South Bohemia, Historic Buildings of Central Bohemia and Centuries-Old Prague. We also participate in the publication of the magazine Fontes Nissae – Sources of the Nisa. This features the results of specialist research activity assessed by the Council for Research, Development and Innovation of the Government Office of the Czech Republic. The published articles undergo review procedures and meet stringent academic standards.