Law on the sale and export of objects of cultural value

What we would normally refer to as antiques, including objects that we may have at home, inherited from our ancestors or bought in antique shops, may be in legal language items of cultural value. Their sale or export abroad is monitored by the state.

Statues and pictures more than 50 years old, or, for example, dinner services, maps and musical instruments created more than 100 years ago, a uniform inherited from a grandfather, one of the first television sets and other types of object on the list of items of cultural value (the first appendix to the Law on the Sale and Export of Objects of Cultural Value) may only be sold or exported if you obtain a certificate stating that you may do so.

In the case of objects of a sacral and religious nature and objects from the field of architecture and building exteriors, a certificate can be provided by the National Heritage Institute. Further details are available in the law itself, available for download here.

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